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This doll house is done completely handmade, has 6 bedrooms, 2 double rooms, a loft and two terraces, the soils of the terraces and roof were made of mud and were placed one by one. then were stained and scratched to get a more aged appearance. We use only wood (no DM) with a minimum thickness of 1 cm, this prevents the passage of time can warp. The steps of this house are 1, 1 m 16 cm long, 20 cm high and 55 cm deep. This dollhouse was made ​​to exhibit one of the fairs we will throughout the year, not available to us, if interested would have to do it and take about 45 days, was sold and will be seen in the thumbnail next exhibition to be held in Malaga Fuengirola 11th and June 12th, and exposes its owner there. You can also view it in an interview that appears in the journal "miniatures" next June. Nº 161 It is a spectacular doll house, with a complex roof that cost us much to fit and perform perfectly open. If you want more information, please contact us :

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