Couch Louis XV-J7016

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French Rocco Style Couch Louis XV. has a high armchair back with a rounded end. The back extends through to the front of the couch and is infilled with cane mesh. The finger-moulded walnut frame incorporates the long sweeping cures of the Rocco style. The top rail is surmounted by elaborate pieced and carved design. The frame extends with a cyma curve to the font and back cabriole legs. The front seat rail and the sides have a central carved cartouche flanked by conventional leafage sculls. The couch measures 1 1/2 inches high at the front seat and the top of the back is 3 inches high. The chaise is 4 1/8 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches deep. It is available in a walnut finish upholstered in a red silk patterned fabric.

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