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Victorian Antique Japanned Work Table Sewing Box.During this period large and ornate sewing boxes were fashionable. Needlework was a popular pastime for dowager ladies and sometimes even the gentlemen. This needlework box highly decorated in the chinoiserie style is supported on a tall tressel table with Lyre shaped ends. The sides are cut in balancing cyma curves.It sits on 2 scroll cut cyma-curved bracket feet. The interior of the box has been divided into compartments of vaious sizes some with small lids that are fitted with a little brass knob so that they lift of to gain access to the needlework notions that are stored in the compartment. The lid of the box has been decorated with beautiful hand painted chinoiserie designs  mostly they are in rounded sarcophagus shapes with very fine gold decoration depicting oriental scenes. 

The sewing box is filled with sewing things, scissors, threads etc ... as you can see in the image

Lovely !!!!!



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