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Data protection


Mundominiaturas takes very seriously the protection of your personal data. This is a hugely important issue for us, so Mundominiaturas meets the highest standards for the provisions of the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data. Below you will find all information concerning the use of data and our data protection principles.


Using data

The personal data will be used exclusively for order fulfillment. The subsequent use of such data for marketing purposes without your express authorization is prohibited.

Using data from user account and game-competition

In user accounts, we ask that you specify a set of data for security reasons and to develop our service. Mundominiaturas ensures that these data willbe used solely for the conduct of the service.


Data protection principles

Mundominiaturas Customer authorizes to use your data for the business relationship as a prerequisite for the recruitment of certain services, and sell them to those companies which in turn hold group or business relations, without prejudice to the right of access, cancellation or remedy that may bring the Customer at any time for any means to the email address and phone of Mundominiaturas 696725204.


Mundominiaturas places a single cookie from your website, which is used exclusively for the functions of the shopping cart and user account. The cookie is automatically deleted at the end of your visit to our website (for example, when you close the browser).


If you have any questions regarding the data protection issues, or want to make any changes or request information, we will be glad and happy to help in



This website uses technology etracker ( to collect data on visitor behavior. These data were collected anonymously for marketing and optimization. All visitor data is saved using an anonymous user ID to aggregate a usage profile. Cookies may be used to collect and store this data, but data are anonymous. The data will not be used to identify a visitor personally and not be added to any personal information. collection and storage of data may be refused at any time with respect to subsequent services.