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Measures 8 1/4 inches high x 4 1/4 inches wide 5 5/8 inches deep and available in a walnut finish. The bar has a mirrored back with one small shelf supported on hand carved brackets, The hood of the bar is supported on fluted columns. A similar fluted pattern is extended down the sides of the bar front. A timber foot rail is held in place by two small timber brackets   JBM

10.5 cm long x 14 cm deep x 10.5 cm high


Product Note Status Price
Tavern or Tea Room Booth-0070 Tavern or Tea Room Booth-0070
160.00 € *
Barstool-0076BJ Barstool-0076BJ
65.90 € *
Barr-0077BJ Barr-0077BJ
85.40 € *
Porcelain tray with liquor-1854-8 Porcelain tray with liquor-1854-8
25.50 € *
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