J5041-Arm Chair

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Louis16th French style Arm Chair. The Chair back is rigid, upright and rectangular. The seat is also rectangular and deep. The upholstered  armrests extend to the front of the seat and the front of legs are fluted, the flutes being highlighted with a gold detail line. The top of the legs is a bulbous turning also detailed in gold .The straight back legs are curved slightly and there are casters on all four legs. The Hand painted detailing of leaves along the front of the seat and up the sides of the Settee and the painted  ormolu mounts are indicative of the Neo-classical design. The painted design has been continued on the sides of the head rest and back of Settee. The ArmChair is upholstered in a blue fabric buttoned on the back and under the am rests. The Settee measures 3  3/4 inches high x 2  1/2 inches wide x 2  1/4 inches depend is available in a walnut finish.  The sofa is also available, just like this armchair. If you are interested, contact us

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