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Provencal Louis XV  WARDROBE 1:12 scale

 Two door wardrobe with two raised panels and extensive carving on each door. It has a pierced apron and each side is decorated with 6 raised panel. The wardrobe measures 6 1/2 inches high x 3 7/8 inches wide x 1 1/2 inches deep and is available in a walnut finish.   JBM


Product Note Status Price
Wardrobe-360170 Wardrobe-360170
Wardrobe-41062 Wardrobe-41062
Wadrobe-45022 Wadrobe-45022
Wardrobe-J8034 Wardrobe-J8034
375371-Wadrobe 375371-Wadrobe
FA03-Lorgnette FA03-Lorgnette
Wardrobe-41052 Wardrobe-41052
Wardrobe-10010 Wardrobe-10010
M901-Box with minerals M901-Box with minerals
Reproduction of a Bacon Cabinet-0034BJ Reproduction of a Bacon Cabinet-0034BJ
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