Design and construction of dollhouses

Design and construction of dollhouses


Handmade dollhouse Victorian



These toys were born in the fourteenth century, being leisure of aristocratic families. Until the first half of the fifteenth century, they were not called “doll houses”.


At the beginning of the eighteenth century, noblewomen ussualy ordered to artisans small scale reproductions of the furtinure decorating their own houses.


The quantity and quality of the pieces were proportional to their wealth, so during eighteenth century, the miniatures were a representative of high social level.


In the nineteenth century, dol house miniatures are considered a child´s toy.




Desing and building






We make doll houses by order, we adapt to your likings and budget with exclusive designs.


Every time we have an idea, we take notes, and design planes trying to make them a reality, sometimes starting with a photo, taking care of each detail. That is why our houses are unique pieces of artisan work. We make them with care and dedication so the result is as real as possible.



This house was completely handcrafted, it has 6 rooms, 2 of those are double, an attic and 2 terraces. Floors on the terraces were made of clay. House is fully finished outside.


We deliver our houses, finished in the outside, and fully electrified, so you can decorate yourself.

Also we can offer our decoration workshop if you want your house fully finished inside.


Do you want to give your house a new look? Sometimes a small reform gives a great result.


Yo dont dare to build a kit?


Do you need to electrify your house?


Do you have a house but not the time nor the energy to do it by yourself?


If you want information about our houses, dont hesitate to contact us, we were willing to awnser you any question you may have.


Measures of this house are: 116 cm long x 50 cm wide x 95 cm high