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Excelente producto
from on 23/04/2015
Impresionante reproducción de una maquina de coser, gratamente sorprendida del acabado de gran calidad. Estoy encantada con la compra

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Product Note Status Price
360570-Sewing mannequin 360570-Sewing mannequin
35.90 € *
J31043GO-Table J31043GO-Table
150.00 € *
M151-Things for sewing M151-Things for sewing
12.50 € *
M152 M152
12.50 € *
M153-A 1/12 scale fabric pins with labels M153-A 1/12 scale fabric pins with labels
12.50 € *
J5045- Japanned Sewing Box J5045- Japanned Sewing Box
159.50 € * Notify on availability
361570-Sewing kit 361570-Sewing kit
37.90 € * Notify on availability
117D-Embroidery hoop 117D-Embroidery hoop
115.00 € *
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