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The breakfront sideboard carcass is divided into three conforming sections each one having a shallow drawer with a cupboard underneath. The drawers are of conforming shape and at the center of each is a small brads knob handle surrounded by hand painted flowers. The wide cupboard in the Center section has a single flat door. The doors on the side cupboards are quarter curved. The cupboard stands on four pad feet. The cyma curved apron has a central carved leafage design. The doors are decorated with had painted floral bouquets. The credenda Measures 13 1/2inches wide x 1 ½ inches deep x 2 ½ inches high and is available painted white decorated with hand painted flowers.

Mirror   J9014


Product Note Status Price
J9014-Mirror J9014-Mirror
90.00 € *
J9011 Display Cabinet J9011 Display Cabinet
155.00 € *
Chair-J9009 Chair-J9009
90.00 € *
Mirror-361970 Mirror-361970
39.90 € *
375521-Mirror 375521-Mirror
26.90 € *
Mirror-46024 Mirror-46024
32.50 € *
46024B-Mirror 46024B-Mirror
40.50 € *
225T-Mirror 225T-Mirror
35.90 € *
CU300-Espejo CU300-Espejo
29.50 € *
J21015-Mirror J21015-Mirror
65.00 € *
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