Louis XV1 settee-J7014

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The settee measures 3 3/4; inches to top of crown moulding. The seat is 1 3/8 inches from the floor. Overall width is 4 1/2; inches and the settee is 2 1/4; inches deep on the floor from front legs to the back. The exposed frame is finger moulded and decorated extensively with a carved leaf design. The arms rests are plain with are carving along the sides. The hand grips, arm supports and the cabriole legs duplicate the leaf carving which decorates the frame. Between the arm supports and the front legs there is a small leaf caved detail.  The-valanced skirt beneath the rectangular seat has central caving that matches the cresting on the back Frame. The Cabriole front and back legs have whorl feet. The settee is available in a gold finish upholstered in a patterned gold linen fabric.

Beautiful !!!!


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